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As many as 1.7 million Filipino children in the 7-12 age group are out of school, mostly coming from the poorest provinces in the Philippines. "Although public elementary education is free, school-related expenses like transportation fare, snacks, lunch, school supplies, and other materials are beyond the financial capabilities of the poor," says UNESCO. Citing data from world agencies, the Philippine Daily Inquirer describes the state of Philippine education, thus: "Out of 100 Filipino kids who enter school, only 65 get to finish primary while only 42 finish high school" and only 14 will earn a college degree.

Thousands of children die at a young age from diseases because there is no money for medicines, and their government is near bankruptcy which means there are no funds available for health care. But when the children are asked who is Lord many will say JESUS CHRIST. Their faith is strong in the Lord because of the work of the missionaries and volunteers committed to helping these kids by both nourishing their bodies with food and their souls with the word of God.   Read more.. 

A Partnership of
Come See Ministries International Foundation Philippines Inc.,
Gahad Sibonga, Cebu, Philippines., and
Philippine Children, PO Box 2207, Euless, TX 76039 USA
Email: sponsors@uesi.org.in  |  Phone: +1.(505) 333-9266


Child sponsorship: priceless to the little children


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